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2 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Replacement

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Have you been running a hot bath and noticed that the water doesn't get any warmer? Or, have you gone to take a shower and found yourself standing in freezing cold water? If so, it's likely that your water heater has stopped working.

Here are two signs to look out for if you think your water heater might need replacement.

The Water From Your Taps Is Discoloured

Many homeowners have experienced the occasional shock of running discoloured water from their taps. While this is usually nothing to be concerned about, it can be startling and even cause some people to question the safety of their water supply.

If you turn on your faucet and the water is discoloured, it's likely that there is rust in your water heater. Over time, your water heater tank will start to corrode, which can cause rust to form in the water. This usually happens when the anode rod inside the tank wears down. The anode rod keeps the tank from rusting. So when it wears down, rust might form and discolour your water supply.

Another cause for discoloured water is simply a sediment buildup in the pipes. Over time, these sediments can become stirred up, causing them to flow out of the tap along with the water.

In most cases, this is simply an aesthetic issue and poses no threat to your health. However, if you notice that the water from your hot water system is consistently discoloured or has an unusual odour, it may be time to contact a licensed plumber for assistance. They will be able to determine whether or not the discolouration is due to rust –– and if so, replace your water heater.

Your Water Heater Is Leaking

If you notice any water around your water heater, the tank is likely leaking. This is usually caused by a crack in the tank, which can happen due to corrosion. Over time, the constant exposure to water can cause the metal of the tank to weaken and eventually crack.

If you have an old tank, it's more likely to develop a leak. The metal used in most older tanks is not always as strong as the metal used in newer tanks. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on your aging water heater and check for leaks regularly.

A leaking water heater is a serious issue and should be addressed as soon as possible. If left unrepaired, a leaking water heater can cause extensive damage to your home, including flooding and mould growth. If you notice any water around your water heater, turn off the power supply and contact a plumber right away. A replacement might be the only solution to solve all your water heater issues.