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Common Sink-Related Matters You Can Hire a Plumber For

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Your home probably has multiple sinks, including in the kitchen, bathrooms, and potentially even in the mud room and other areas of the home. Because you might have multiple sinks to take care of, there's a good chance you will need to hire a plumber for a sink-related matter at some point. These are a few examples of some of the sink-related matters that plumbers typically help with.

Installing a New Sink

You might need to install a new sink. Your old sink might be cracked, stained, or otherwise damaged. Alternatively, you could be thinking about installing a sink somewhere where there hasn't been one in the past. Either way, sink installations should be done by professional plumbers.

Installing a New Sink Faucet

People replace their sink faucets all the time. This is done for a few reasons. You might not like the look or design of your existing sink faucet, or you might be worried that it uses more water than necessary. Your sink faucet could even be damaged. A professional plumber will recommend a sink faucet based on the room you're installing it in, the size and style of your sink, and the amount of water that the faucet uses.

Dealing With a Leak

Sink leaks can be a problem. There could be a leak from the plumbing pipes that run to and from your sink, or there could be a leak around your faucet. Addressing the leak immediately is important if you want to avoid water waste and water damage.

Dealing With a Clog

Sink clogs are a common problem. In the bathroom, you have to worry about hair and soap scum causing clogs. In the kitchen, you have to worry about food particles and grease causing clogs. No matter what causes a clog, you should have it professionally removed with the help of a plumber. Then, you can use your sinks without worrying about water backing up, and you can get rid of the odours that often go along with sink clogs, too.

Installing a Garbage Disposal

Since you might be worried about food particles causing clogs in your kitchen sink, you could be thinking about installing a garbage disposal. If this is the case, then you can hire a plumber to help you with it. They can tell you about what can and can't go in your garbage disposal, will help you choose a garbage disposal, and will install it for you.