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Is your drain starting clog?

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Have you noticed that your sink takes longer to drain away than it once did? Maybe, you have found that bathwater takes hours to flow through the plughole? While water draining away slowly may not seem like a big problem, it is probably the first sign that you have a clogged drain, and it is best to get the drain fixed before the problem gets worse. If you don't fix a clogged drain, the consequences could be severe, with possible flooding and dampness entering the structure of your property.

What causes a clogged drain?

Drains can clog or become blocked for a variety of reasons. The most common explanation for the blockage is that something has entered the drain that should not be there. Solid matter that does not easily break up can present a serious hazard for drains. Perhaps, food residue, used nappies, or sanitary products have been flushed away? Maybe, cooking fat has been poured down a sink and solidified in the drain? Any of these items could create a clogged drain and cause water to begin backing up throughout your system.

Should you use a plunger?

If you know anything about clearing a clogged drain, you may think about trying to clear the drain with a plunger. A lightly clogged drain can be quickly cleared with a plunger, but if the blockage proves to be more severe, it's best to call a plumber without delay. If you continue to apply a plunger to the blockage, there is a risk that rather than freeing the blockage, you could cause a leak in the pipe and create a worse problem. All the water backed up in your system could start flowing across your floor, causing another mess you must clear away. Calling a plumber should lead to the drain being unclogged quickly.

Calling a plumber

When you explain the problem to a plumber, they will arrive at your home with the necessary tools so they can clear and address a clogged drain. He might use rods to try to push the obstruction out of the way. Alternatively, the plumber could put a camera down the pipe to identify the precise location of the blockage and see what is causing the problem. If you have any concerns about the plumbers' activities, they will be happy to explain how they will deal with your clogged drain and restore the free flow of water once again.