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4 Benefits of a Tankless Hot Water System

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If you are thinking of replacing your home hot water system, you must decide whether to replace it with a traditional system with a hot water storage tank or opt for a tankless system. Many plumbers say that tankless hot water systems are gaining popularity — and there are many reasons for that trend. Take a look at some of the benefits of tankless hot water system installation.

1. Less Space

Installing a hot water system with a hot water storage tank often requires a lot of space. If you choose a system with a large tank, you might have to give up some storage space in your home. In contrast, choosing a tankless system to replace your current hot water system could free up space for you and your family to use to reduce clutter in your home.

2. Available Hot Water

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a tankless hot water system is that you do not have to remember to switch on the water heater in advance of when you plan to shower. Whereas systems that use a tank need time to heat water inside the tank, a tankless system heats the water as it flows to the tap, meaning that you can never run out of hot water. The only downside is that smaller tankless systems cannot always supply several hot water taps at the same time, but this is rarely a problem for smaller families.

3. Lower Energy Usage

A traditional hot water system heats water every day. Even if you do not use that water, you still have to pay for the energy that heats that water. This kind of system can be very wasteful if you do not have a regular schedule — for example, if you sometimes shower at the gym or at work instead of at home. Tankless hot water systems heat water only if you use it, which results in lower energy usage overall.

4. Less Frequent Repairs

Although it is possible for a tankless hot water system to break down, they typically need fewer repairs than traditional systems with a tank. This difference in reliability arises because hot water tanks can be affected by sediment, rust, or even leaks, which must be repaired by a professional plumber. Save yourself the cost and hassle of calling out a plumber in the future by opting for a tankless hot water system installation.