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Reasons Why Linear Shower Drains Are Becoming A Must-Have In Contemporary Bathrooms

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If you are thinking of upgrading your utilitarian master bathroom into a contemporary, aesthetically appealing space, you are probably contemplating a myriad of changes. A few of the areas that a majority of homeowners would focus on include installing frameless glass shower screens, switching up the layout, investing in new tapware, installing a sleek vanity and so on. Seldom do people consider their shower drain during this project, but upgrading this unit will have a dramatic effect in your shower and overall bathroom.

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for linear shower drains. These sleekly designed drains are characterised by their elongated, rectangular shape. This form makes them more efficient at directing the flow of water while providing a range of additional advantages. Check out the following two reasons why linear shower drains are becoming a must-have in contemporary bathrooms.

Superior design

As aforementioned, linear shower drains are renowned for their sleek design, but this does not mean they come in a singular style. You have the flexibility of choosing between grated drains and tile inserts, and both add visual interest to your shower enclosure. The tile insert variety is a great investment for a minimalist bathroom since it sits evenly against the wall and the floor without interrupting the arrangement of the tiles.

If you would prefer your linear shower drain to stand out in the enclosure, you could contemplate on the grated variety that is more eye-catching. Take note that, depending on where the linear shower drain is going to be placed, the plumbing network in the room may have to be rearranged. Thus, ensure you consult with your plumber on what placement would be ideal.

Enhanced hygiene

The second reason why linear shower drains are steadily becoming popular in Aussie homes is the ease they offer when it comes to upkeep. Shower enclosures are havens for grime, mould and more due to their daily use and high moisture environment. Without comprehensive sanitation, you will have to deal with mould infestations, bacterial colonies and much more. The holes in traditional drains are vulnerable to clogs. And once these clogs begin to form, dirt and pathogens are trapped underneath the drain cover, making the drain challenging to clean thoroughly.

Linear shower drains, on the other hand, are outfitted with a detachable debris basket that can be removed easily once it has accumulated hair, soap scum and more. Furthermore, the smooth surfaces of the linear drains are quite easy to wipe down and restore their shine.

To learn more about linear shower drainage, contact a plumber.