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Promoting Hot Water System Safety Through Proper Maintenance

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Hot water systems are quite resilient, and they are designed to provide consistent long-term service. However, this does not mean that the appliance will keep working perfectly if you install and forget about it. Regular maintenance is essential because it will promote proper function and energy efficiency. In addition, you should note that hot water systems can be dangerous. If these heating appliances are neglected, they might cause injuries. Here are simple tips for promoting optimal safety through heater upkeep.

Check the Pressure Valve

You should ensure that the pressure valve installed in the hot water system is functioning optimally. In general, when water heats up, a lot of hot vapour builds up in the tank. This results in the increase of internal pressure in the tank. If the pressure is not released, the integrity of the tank will be compromised. In addition, there might be personal injury and property damage risks if the pressure is high enough to cause the tank to burst. The pressure valve does not activate unless the temperature and pressure are unsafe. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the dormant valve to stick and fail. You should prevent this by testing the movement of the valve regularly.

Reduce the Temperature

You should avoid setting the temperature of your hot water system at high levels. This practice can be harmful to you and your family. Simply speaking, if the temperature setting is high, there is a high risk of scalding. You should not only think of your personal preference, especially if you have young children. Hot water can cause scalds and general discomfort for people with sensitive skins. However, this is not the only concern. A high temperature setting will promote greater pressure build-up in your tank. Your valve might work, but you should not promote an unsafe situation in your home.

Avoid DIY Servicing and Repair

Hot water systems require regular servicing for optimal performance. These processes are crucial for promoting better function for good water supply and better energy efficiency. In addition, upkeep tasks will ensure that the system is more durable and safe. Crucial maintenance work includes replacing the anode rod, flushing the hot water tank and annual inspections. These procedures are fairly simple, but the risks are significant. If you are not careful, you might injure yourself and damage the hot water system. You can avoid these issues by choosing a plumber for standard servicing. It is also advisable to opt for professional appliance repair for the best results.