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6 Reasons to Attend to Small Water Leaks Post-Haste

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Small water leaks in the home may seem inconsequential, but you shouldn't ignore them. Taking remedial action immediately can prevent a range of problems that could potentially take time and cost money to correct down the road.

Here are a few problems you can prevent by attending to small water leaks right away.

1. Larger leaks

A small leak has the potential to snowball into bigger plumbing problems in your home. Left unattended, a smaller leak can lead to a larger leak or burst pipe. Besides being costlier to fix, a larger leak can cause extensive damage to your house and household belongings.

2. Wastage of water

A dripping pipe might not seem like it is losing a lot of water. But you'll have to pay for each drop of water that goes to waste when your monthly water bill arrives. Imagine how many litres of water will have gone to waste by then? It's not so inconsequential now, is it? Fixing small leaks promptly is vital for conserving water and minimising water expenses. 

3. Structural damage

Aside from the water damage that may be caused to your home if small leaks become larger, the leaks can also cause structural damage to your property over time. Leaks in water pipes running through the walls and other areas of your house can compromise the structural integrity of the structure. Leaky pipes can lead to cracked walls, for example.

4. Poor water quality

If the water coming from your faucets is discoloured, the leaks in your water pipes buried outside your home could be allowing soil to mix with the clean water. Leave the leaks unattended, and the problem will only get worse. Plus, you'll be putting your household at risk of catching waterborne diseases. 

5. Mould growth

Leaks under the sink or other areas inside your home will create the perfect environment for mould to grow. Mould growth will compromise indoor air quality and is a major human health risk. In addition, it can be expensive to remedy. Repairing leaky pipes promptly is a great way to stop mould growth in its tracks. Mould won't thrive if you cut off water supply immediately.

6. Pesky pests

Not many people know that leaving leaky water pipes unattended is an open invitation for rats, cockroaches and other irritating pests to come into their home. Leaky water pipes provide the humid environments that these pests love to live in. Fixing the problem immediately is an effective pest control strategy.

Unless you have excellent plumbing skills, you might not effectively repair small leaks yourself. The best way to deal with small leaks is to ask a residential plumber to fix the problem.