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3 Steps To Follow When Hot Water Stops Flowing From Your Tap

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Imagine taking an ice cold shower in the middle of a freezing winter? That's the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. Hot water is often taken for granted as something that just exists in your house… until it actually stops flowing from your tap and you don't have access to it any longer. There are a number of reasons why hot water could stop flowing from your tap. In most instances you will need a professional hot water service to check it out, but follow these steps in the meantime to see if you can pinpoint the problem.

Check Whether The Problem Is Isolated To One Or All Taps In The House

Your first step should be to check and see whether the hot water problem is isolated to one tap or all the other taps in the house. You'll also want to check and see whether the cold water side is working to identify whether the problem lies with your hot water tank or with the tap or pipes in your home. If there is neither hot nor cold water, then there may be a water supply issue. In this instance, you will need to check with your water supplier because it may be a larger issue that is not restricted to your home. You may not need to undertake any action and the problem will sort itself once the issue is fixed at the supplier's end. For just hot water issues, follow the next few steps.

Check For Leaks In The Water Tank

If there's a problem only with the hot water in all of taps in your home, then there could be a larger problem like a leak in the hot water tank. Make sure you inspect the entire tank thoroughly to identify any leaks that may be letting hot water out before it reaches the taps. If you notice a leak in the tank, make sure you call a hot water technician as quickly as possible to get this fixed.

Check For Damage To Pipes

This is a tad bit tricky because you don't know exactly what you're looking for and most pipes tend to be concealed. If there is no problem with your water tank, then chances are that a piping problem is blocking hot water from reaching your taps. It could be a leak, corrosion, blockages or broken pipes that prevent water flow. A professional is best equipped to check for this problem.

Getting to the bottom of no hot water may require professional investigation for an eventual fix.