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3 Eco-Friendly Commercial Plumbing Upgrades for Your Business

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When a business takes the steps to go eco-friendly, they may think about various aspects. These aspects are generally in the direction of going paperless, or other day to day administrative operations. One area you may not think of is in you commercial plumbing. Here are three eco-friendly commercial plumbing upgrades for your business and what they can do to help you become more efficient in your expenses as well.

Tankless Water Heaters

All businesses have the need for hot water in some way. This may be for the employee kitchen area or the bathrooms. In addition to these areas, you will also have areas of the business that need hot water including the custodial closet and shower areas if your business offers a gym with showers. Keeping all of these areas heated can be difficult and costly since you will be holding the hot water and keeping it hot until needed. You can cut down your expenses by having the commercial plumbing company you use install tankless water heaters. Water is heated as needed and no holding tanks are used to keep water hot at all times, including overnight.

High Efficiency Toilets

It has been stated that a single person can use over 30 gallons of water a day just in flushing the toilet. Imagine that amount per each person that is employed by your business. For this reason, you may want to consider having high efficiency toilets installed. These toilets can reduce the use of water by thousands of gallons of water a year per person. That means a reduction in your businesses water bill which can be a significant amount over the course of a years time.

Greywater System

Greywater systems can help your businesses significantly and can help you with eco-friendly ratings. A greywater system can be installed by a commercial plumbing company and set-up to fit your needs. What will happen is that the water from certain areas, such as the water that goes down the drain from sinks, will be moved to the greywater system. The system will clean and filter the water and recycle it into other areas of the building. This reduces your water usage in the building and your costs as well.

By taking these three eco-friendly commercial plumbing upgrades for your business, you can reach several goals. One of the goals is to be noticed as an eco-friendly or green business. Another goal is to help reduce your businesses expenses to increase the profit and switch focus to other areas of the business itself.