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When You Want to Get a Plumber to Your Home as Quickly as Possible

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There are some obvious times when you want to stop everything you're doing and call an emergency plumber to your home; a burst pipe, a water heater that is leaking, or no water coming into the home all require the immediate services of a plumber. However, not all emergencies are so extreme and obvious, although they should still be handled as quickly as possible, to avoid the potential for further damage to your home. Note a few times when you want to get a plumber to your home as quickly as possible and why this is so important.

Mud in the bathtub

Unless someone in the home just washed the dog in the tub, you want to call an emergency plumber when you see mud, soil, or silt in the bathtub. This often means that your home's exterior plumbing pipes have a crack or leak and they're letting mud and dirt into those pipes. In turn, the pipes are backing up dirt into the tub itself.

Using the tub before having those pipes repaired or replaced can result in a very serious clog and more damage to the pipes. Ignoring this damage, even without using the tub, can mean those pipes will continue to crack and may eventually break, leading to a flood. When you notice mud or dirt of any sort coming up through the tub drain, call an emergency plumber to avoid these risks.

Your DIY fix has gotten out of hand

If you dumped baking soda and vinegar down a drain to clear a clog and you now have foam and sediment all over the bathroom floor, or you tried to snake out a plumbing pipe and the snake is stuck, you want to stop what you're doing and call a professional. Some DIY repairs are easy enough, but some are more difficult to manage than you realize. Continuing your efforts to fix your home's plumbing can mean more damage and a bigger repair bill, so call a plumber at the first sign of failure with your DIY attempts.

Spots on the ceiling

Don't assume that a ceiling will just get spots or discoloration over time; any type of watermark or stain should be checked by a plumber right away. A small leak could lead to a burst pipe, which then means a flood, damage to the ceiling, and pipes that need replacing rather than repairing. To avoid this risk, have an emergency plumber find the cause of the water leak and address it as soon as possible.

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