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Signs It Is Time To Give Your Hot Water System the Boot

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For most homeowners, having a constant supply of hot water in their home means not paying any mind to their hot water system. This neglect invariably poses the risk of a plumbing catastrophe as minor problems that go ignored for a significant amount of time will eventually become aggravated and turn into serious issues. However, some signs would be indicative that your hot water system is on the verge of being defunct and that you should start looking to install a replacement. So how do you know that the time has come to give your hot water system the boot?

Pooling water

When you start to notice moisture pooling near your heater, it typically indicates that the heater has a developed leaks that remain undetected. The main culprit o these leaks is fractures on the tank of the heater. As the metal expands and contracts due to constant heating and cooling, the surface becomes compromised and starts to crack. When these cracks are minor, they may be hard to discern, particularly if you are not carrying out a routine examination of your heater. By staying undetected, the cracks start to expand, which would eventually render your water heater dysfunctional. Therefore, when you start to notice water around the heater, it is time to make arrangements to install a new one.

Discoloured water

Your main water supply may be discoloured for different reasons. However, if you find that your hot water supply is exclusively affected by this problem, it is a tell-tale sign of an issue with your hot water system. Discolourations typically stem from rust accumulating inside your water tank. As the rust spreads, your hot water may begin to turn yellowish or brownish depending on the extent of the corrosion. If your tank is rusting, it is only a matter of time before it succumbs to cracks and holes since the structure is weakening. Thus, discolouration in your hot water should have you call a plumber to replace the system.

Popping and banging sounds

A noisy water heater is a clear indication of sediment accumulating inside the tank. If this residue is not cleaned out routinely, it hardens and starts to bang against the interior of the water reservoir. Over time, the sediment will cause permanent damage to the tank, which translates into imminent replacement. Moreover, sediment inside your water heater decreases its efficiency, which causes an increase in energy consumption. For assistance, talk to a professional like Peninsula Plumbing S.A.