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Considerations When Looking To Buy a Garbage Disposal Unit

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Your garbage disposal affords you the convenience of eliminating scraps of food as you go about your cooking, as well as making it easier for you to clean off your dishes once you are done with them. Nonetheless, selecting a garbage disposal unit for your kitchen is not merely about choosing one based on its price. There are various factors that you would have to bear in mind to ensure that you are investing in a system that would be ideal for your household. So what is a couple of the considerations to have when looking to buy a garbage disposal unit?

Consider the type of feed that the garbage disposal unit has

There are two main types of feed systems that garbage disposal units will be designs with: The first is the continuous batch feed, which is also one of the most common options in the market. With a continuous feed, you turn on the unit when you are ready to eliminate your food scraps and continuously put the scraps inside it until you are done. As long as the switch remains on, a continuous batch feed unit will stay in operation.

The second option that you could choose is the batch feed unit. With this unit, you need to first fill up the garbage disposal with the scraps you want to eliminate before turning it on. You then cover the disposal unit with a specialised stopper for the grinding to begin. Batch feed units will only operate when their specialised stopper is in place. Over the years, batch feed years have soared in popularity because they are considered much safer since there is a decreased risk of accidentally turning on the garbage disposal.  

Consider the horsepower of the garbage disposal

Another thing to note about garbage disposal units is that they come with varying horsepower. Nevertheless, the horsepower is not commensurate with the size of the unit. Therefore, do not make the mistake of assuming that the larger or smaller the unit is so will be the subsequent horsepower. Low horsepower is suitable for smaller families or single individuals who may not be disposing large amounts of scraps on a routine basis. Additionally, less horsepower is also better suited at grinding soft food particles, such as fruit and vegetables. Conversely, if you often cook with food items like chicken bones and have a large family, you would need a higher horsepower to meet your needs.

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