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How to Figure out What's Wrong with Your Backyard Pool Pump

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A number of different components help to make sure that your outdoor pool works properly and provides you with hours of summertime enjoyment. While each one of these components is important, the most crucial is the pump that keeps the water clean and fresh. If this is not operating properly, your weekend adventure is going to be disrupted. What are some of the warning signs that things are not going well and what should you do about them?

Excess Air

If you see a large number of air bubbles in the pool pot, this signifies that air is getting into the system. It could be that the water level in the pool is too low, or that the O-ring is damaged or not sitting properly anymore. You may be able to relieve the problem by cleaning out the skimmer basket if it's jammed, but it's also possible that a crack has developed in the plumbing which would be more difficult to fix.

Strange Behaviour

If you find that the pump is turning itself on and off for no reason, it's likely that it is overheating. This could be due to one of several reasons. The impeller which pulls the water in and out could be jammed. It's also possible that the bearings in the motor have worn out and are ready to be replaced. If you recently installed a new pump, check to see if the wiring needs to be upgraded as well.


Sometimes, you will notice that water is leaking out from the pool pump area. This is due to the failure of a specific component. First, check to see if the drain plugs are leaking and if so, a seal in that area is faulty. It could be that bolts or clamps have worked loose, or it could be that the O-ring around the seal plate has perished.

Strange Noises

A pool pump should never be noisy, so if it is vibrating then maybe somebody has left a garden implement (or similar) near to it. It could be that it's touching or leaning against the pump, which will cause this type of noise.

Power Issues

Finally, if you simply cannot turn the pump on or off, the first thing to do is to check all the switches and circuit breakers to ensure that power is being delivered properly. Sometimes, people set some automated controls or timers in the past and have forgotten about them. If they are active, it won't be possible to switch on the pump manually.

Getting Assistance

If you're still having problems with your pump, or find that any of these issues cannot be fixed in-house, then get in touch with an experienced plumber or pool pumps maintenance company.