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Top Reasons You May Be Experiencing Recurrent Blockages in Your Drains

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For most homeowners, experiencing any problems with their plumbing means immediately seeking professional services to remedy the issue. However, if you do not determine the cause of your plumbing troubles, you will find that they will keep cropping up. One of the most chronic plumbing problems homeowners tend to face is blocked drains. So what are some of the top reasons why you may be experiencing recurrent blockages in your pipes?


One of the biggest culprits of clogs in your plumbing is clumps of hair. A single strand may seem quite harmless to your drainage system. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that these clogs develop over time. Thus, you would start to notice that drainage has steadily become slower in your drains, particularly in the bathroom. By this point, the clumps of hair would have formed blockages that restrict the smooth flow of water through your plumbing. Not only would you require a plumber to clean out your drains, but also it is prudent to invest in hair traps that will function to prevent future clogs.


Another major culprit of blocked drains, especially in your kitchen, is grease and fats. Homeowners will not knowingly pour grease down their drains, as they know that this will significantly impede on the functionality of their plumbing. Nevertheless, grease does end up making its way down your drains when you wash dishes. The leftover grease on plates and cooking pots may seem minimal, but it will coagulate on the interior lining of your plumbing, as cold water washes over it. The coagulated grease not only decreases the diameter of your pipes, but it can also start to catch other particles that go down your drain, forming blockages.

An easy maintenance measure you can take is ensuring that you routinely flush your drains with hot water to melt any lingering grease. Secondly, you should purchase a grease trap, which is installed inside the drain and functions to filter any grease before it makes its way down your plumbing. Make sure to clean the grease traps regularly to ensure they work at optimum.


If you have trees in your yard, you may be susceptible to drainage problems. These plumbing problems become more apparent when the trees are large, as they will have a mature root system. As the roots extend, they can start to encroach on your pipes. In the beginning, you may notice problems such as decreased water pressure or slow drainage. Left unchecked, it can escalate to you having to contend with burst pipes.