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Advantages of an Undermounted Sink

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Undermounted sinks are characterised by having the lip of the vessel mounted underneath your kitchen countertop. Therefore, the sink will be hanging below the counter rather than having it installed above the surface. This design facilitates a seamless flow from your kitchen counter into your sink. It should be noted that this type of sink design is only suitable for inherently sturdy countertop materials such as marble, concrete or granite. It would not be a good fit for laminate countertops or those made from tile as the structural design of the countertop may not be capable of supporting the weight of the sink. So what are some of the advantages that an undermounted sink would provide for your kitchen?

Easy cleaning

One of the major reasons why you may want to consider switching to an undermounted sink is it enhances the hygiene of the kitchen. When cleaning your countertops, you can quickly wipe scraps directly into the undermounted sink without any leftovers being caught at the lip of the sink. With traditional sinks, there is a high propensity of bacteria breeding at the point at which the counter and the sink meet if not meticulously cleaned every time you use your counters. The bacteria poses the risk of food contamination and could become a health hazard in your home.

Increased home value

One thing some people do not realise about undermounted sinks is that they are considered a premium design element in contemporary kitchens. Thus, if you are looking to put your home on the real estate market down the road, your undermounted sink would be a worthwhile investment as it could attract potential buyers who may not want to pay for the initial outlay.

Enhanced aesthetics

Another reason to consider an undermounted sink for your kitchen is the increased visual appeal that it provides. Firstly, the unique design of these types of sinks makes them a centrepiece in your kitchen, which significantly improves the aesthetics of the space. Secondly, undermounted sinks are available in a broad range of materials, sizes and colours. Thus, they can be seamlessly integrated into any kitchen design.

Flexible faucet placement

Most homeowners assume that the placement of their kitchen faucet is a standard design element that is used in all kitchens. In reality, the faucet placement is dictated by your type of sink because these receptacles will come with pre-drilled holes that will be used to position the tap ware. Undermounted sinks, on the other hand, do not have these pre-drilled holes so you have the flexibility to choose your faucet placement by what would be the most convenient location for you.

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