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5 Signs You Might Have a Sneaky Water Leak in Your Home

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No one wants to think about potentially having sewage running down their walls or dripping from their ceilings, but if you notice any of these other signs, it could mean that your home has a hidden leak lurking and ready to strike when you're not looking. 

1. Musty, peeling paint in the basement

A musty smell in your basement is often a sign of water levels rising up due to moisture build-up, even when you can't see any wet patches. If you notice any paint flaking off the walls on the ground in your basement, this can also be a sign that your seemingly dry basement has hidden water leakage. Of course, actually seeing water in your basement is also a sure sign of a leak. Homeowners may notice their drywall may be wet or dripping or spot puddles on the ground.

2. Mouldy walls or ceiling

If you notice any mould and mildew patches on your walls or ceiling, it's likely you have excess moisture in your home, and there's a good chance it could be caused by a water leak. Over time, leaky pipes cause excessive condensation on the walls and ceiling. In turn, this leads to issues with mould growth as mould thrives in moist environments.

3. Condensation on windows

When condensation occurs on your windows, especially near any type of plumbing component or appliance, it could be a sign that a pipe is leaking. If you're not sure what to look out for, condensation appears as small water droplets that form on cold surfaces like glass when warm air comes into contact with it. When condensation escalates, it can also appear as large drops that streak down your window.

4. Diminished water pressure

A drop in water pressure isn't just annoying. It's also a potential sign of leaks in your system. When water is leaving the pipes at a faster rate than they can fill up, this leads to low water pressure. Try running your taps on full blast, taking a shower or flushing the toilet to check if your water seems to be less forceful than usual. 

5. Slow filling toilets

Toilets can reveal water leaks in more ways than one. Alongside flushing less forcefully due to low pressure, your toilet may also refill much slower if you have a leak in your home. It can be hard to monitor whether your toilet is filling slowly since most people don't know their average fill time off the top of their heads, but be sure to ask family members whether they've had trouble flushing recently.

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