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Tips for Recognizing a Plumbing Issue with Your Septic Tank

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Some of the most common calls to an emergency plumber deal with septic tanks. Septic tank backup and damage can cause severe plumbing damage, including pipe cracks and leaks. The good news about septic tank issues and your plumbing is that you can see some of the signs before an issue occurs. Here are a few tips for recognizing a plumbing issue with your septic tank that require an emergency plumber.

Difficulty Flushing Toilets

One of the first signs you may be having an issue with your septic tank can be found in your bathroom. If you have noticed difficulty in flushing your toilet, you may have a septic backup. Look for issues with the water flow during flushing. If it flushes slowly, you may have a clog leading to the septic system. Also, look for water back-flowing into the toilet or into other areas of the bathroom such as the shower or sinks. If you notice this issue, contact your plumber immediately. Backflow is a sign of drainage issues with your plumbing and your septic system.

Dishwasher Backup

Most dishwashers intake water from the kitchen sink plumbing and push water out through the same plumbing system. You can hear a clear drainage system and water flow when the water empties from your dishwasher into the sink plumbing system. If you begin to notice the water backing up into the kitchen sink or severe clogs with the kitchen sink and drainage issues, you may have a septic issue. The issue could be with the grease trap going into the septic tank or a block in the septic tank flow itself causing backflow into the kitchen.

Outdoor Leakage

Septic tanks hold waste from the home. Most of this waste is human waste. If you begin to notice that your lawn or other plants over your septic tank area are becoming more lush and green, you may be experiencing a septic tank leak. Check the soil for wetness or dampness that is out of character for the season. Check to see if the area above the septic tank is wetter than any other area of your property. This is a clear sign that you are experiencing a septic tank and plumbing issue.

If you experience any of these issues, contact an emergency plumber immediately. They will be able to come in and check the interior plumbing of the home to ensure there are no blockages in the pipes leading to the septic tank. They can also clear any blockages and ensure that there is no pipe rupture or other issue that could occur in the home and cause flooding to the home area. If it is a septic tank issue, your plumber can either pump the tank if that is a service they offer or they can refer you to a septic tank service contractor.