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3 Guidelines to Follow When Choosing a Water Pump for Your Rainwater Tank

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Rainwater tanks are an amazing way to harvest natural water from the environment and preserve your home from water damage and soil erosion. However, harvesting the water is half the battle. If you want to use the water you collect around the house effectively, you will need a functional water pump to push the water from the tank outwards. 

There are countless types of tanks in the market, which can complicate choosing an ideal one. The two main options that you will have are the submersible and external pump. Here are three guidelines that will help you determine which type of water pump is ideal for your needs.

Are You Sensitive to Noise From the Water Pump?

One of the considerations to make when choosing a water pump is whether they are noisy or not. Water pumps can be loud and distracting, and depending on where you position them in your compound, they can become a constant bother. An external water tank is typically noisier than the submersible kind. The submersible tank operates more quietly because the water muffles the noise it makes as it pumps.

Therefore, if noise is a big problem for you, the submersible pump might be the better of the two options.

How Accessible Is the Pump For Maintenance?

Water tank pumps need regular maintenance if they are to maintain their operations for a long time. The difference between the external pump and the submersible one is that you can access the external one more easily. Therefore, it will be simpler to keep up with the pump's maintenance schedule when you do not have to get inside the tank or drain the water.

However, as long as you ensure that you are not overworking the pump, either option will need constant maintenance. Also, consider the tank's location and see if it would be easy to access a submerged pump for maintenance.

What Special Features Do You Want?

Pumps come with a wide array of unique features. When choosing one, consider perks such as automatic power on and off. It will help you operate the pump from inside the house. Also, look for features such as multiple outlets, carry handles, and run-dry protection.

Compare all the models in the market and choose the one best suited for your needs, to help you maximise the efficiency of rainwater use in your home. For more information about water tank pumps, contact a local professional.