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Consult Your Plumber if You See These Signs on Your Water Pipe

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It is essential to monitor your pipes on a regular basis, and even more if you live in an old home. As time goes by, the plumbing system becomes old; the pipes start to show signs of wear and tear. If you don't keep an eye on the pipe, you might not detect the signs of problems that could cause costly damage. There are a couple of areas in your home that you might not think about such as basements, crawlspaces and utility rooms, but pipes in these places could even be damaged. Here are signs that confirm your pipes need to be replaced or be repaired.


One of the surest ways to identify any problem with your pipes is by checking for leaks. Leaks occur as a result of wear and tear in the washers and seals. Also, when pipes get rust or corrode, they get leaks as well.  When water moves inside the pipe, it causes friction, which can tear the inside of the pipes. However, aging is the leading cause for wear and tear in pipes.


As much as you may like taking baths, you should always check the watercolour. If it is brownish-yellow in colour, then the problem is with the water heater. It also could be a sign that the pipes are in an unstable condition. Pipes with rust can discolour the water.  You should call your plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible so that you get back your water clean and clear.

Bad taste

While this is a great way to check if the pipes are worn out, it can be difficult because many things can make water have a poor taste. However, when pipes age and start to wear, corrosion and rust can easily be identified when you taste the water. The water usually has a rusty and metallic taste. If the water has a swampy flavour and taste like chlorine, then there is a problem with the quality of your water. Keep in mind colour, and taste go hand in hand once rust and corrosion become a problem with the water.

There are many other causes and signs of worn out pipe, but the above are the most common symptoms to watch out for. When you identify and confirm any of these signs, you should call your local plumbers to come and repair or replace the pipe for you.